GDPR and Privacy Policy

1. Data collection

1.1 The website collects data from users legally, whenever a user:

a) visits its web pages

b) submits an email with the contact form

1.2 The data in case (a), so-called cookies, are not personal data and anonymously track the preferences and the behavior of the users of the present website. They are installed on the user’s electronic device (computer, tablet, mobile) after consent.

1.3 The data of case (b) that include your name, your email address and possibly your home address or telephone number and which you fill in the relevant forms of this website are considered personal data.

2. Legislation and protection of personal data

2.1 The process of collecting, managing and using your personal data from the website complies with the Cypriot and European legislation on data protection and privacy. Specifically, it complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), applicable in the European Union from May 25, 2018.

3. Personal data security

3.1 All data transfer between and your web browser is encrypted and transferred via the HTTPS protocol. The personal data collected through the contact form will be sent to us by an e-mail, protected by all the modern security protocols supported by our server.

3.2 Personal data collected through the contact form are not disclosed, shared, sold or rented to third parties and are used only for communication purposes between the owner of the website and its visitors and users, except when the use of the communication form is illegal and contrary to the terms of use of, so your personal data will be forwarded to the competent authorities for further action. See here the terms of use.

4. Links to third parties

In several places on the website there are links that direct you to third-party websites such as social networks and more. Web browsing through these websites is at the sole responsibility of the user. The site bears no responsibility for the content and privacy policy of these third-party websites.


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